Saving the World

The title may be a bit over the top, but I am trying.

My original mission to save the earth one compost heap at a time has expanded to include putting the breaks on population growth, banning dirty energy, protecting water and improving life for the poorest of the poor.

This takes up so much time, that I don’t often do any blogging.  Nevertheless, I am trying to post various things I have written, mainly as an accessible way to store them.  That means,if you are reading this, it is because I personally directed you to this page.

Then,I think you are supposed to like me, and then you will be notified if I ever get around to posting something new.  At least I think that’s how it works.  Perhaps I need to add a social media category to go along with Guns, The Constitution, Wealth Disparity, food, Sanitation, Education and Religion, to name about a third of the topics I plan to write on.

To  succinctly answer the hypothetical questions, “Who are you?” and “What do you do?”:  I am a citizen of planet Earth, and I do what I can.

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