Open letter to Gov. Cuomo re fracking

Dear Governor Cuomo,
I have written to you so many times (well over 100) that I almost feel I should address you as Andrew. But I won’t because you have not replied to any of my letters, nor have your actions indicated that you have even read them.
I simply can’t fathom your political game plan. There is quite enough information available to make it quite clear to anyone but the mentally deficient that fossil fuels have no place in New York’s future, let alone in the rest of the world.
Now you may not have noticed this, but the vast majority of those who are pro-fracking (and other dirty energy) are Republicans. And the vast majority of Republicans do not vote for you.
In general your votes come from Democrats and some Independents. I have yet to meet a Democrat in upstate New York who is pro-fracking.
So, this is where you stand: if you permit fracking, you will alienate a large number of potential voters. If you do the sensible thing and ban fracking, you will anger many Republicans, but they don’t vote for you anyway.
I seems like a no-brainer to me.

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