How do we save the planet when McConnell pulls the strings?

What’s on your mind WordPress asks me (ditto Facebook). There is so much on my mind that my head is about to explode. Front and center is the acknowledgement that help to save the planet is not going to come from the top. So it will have to come from the bottom.

“But what can I do?” frequently precedes “How can one person make a difference?” My answers are “plenty” and “Oh, yes, they can”. So in the interests of stimulating ideas of what YOU can do, here is a brief run-down of the past week. Bear in mind that this blog is called A Better Way (for everything ) so my activities are somewhat varied

Friday: Attended the Open House at the Chemung County Landfill. Asked awkward questions about the proposed expansion, and began a correspondence with the regional VP of Casella

Saturday: Consulted NOAA about the composition of the atmosphere (I needed to know how all the CO2 and other GHGs are distributed). The answer, from Deke, is that they are distributed pretty much evenly throughout all layers of the atmosphere. What was lovely about this exchange is that I got a reply in 22 minutes. I replied to Deke, saying that I was impressed by the speed of his reply, to which he responded: “We’re pretty responsive when the email says “Whitehouse”. I LOVE this man. I’m still smiling.

Sunday: Went to a meeting with a group discussing the book “Thank God for evolution” Pretty interesting with massive email correspondence afterwards. In a nutshell, they are all very tolerant of atheists until those trouble-makers express an opinion. Why did I go? Mainly because i feel that religion, while comprehensible, has done an awful lot of damage to the world. I imagine – like John Lennon – a world without the “opiate of the masses”. The damage all stems from the idea that man is superior to nature in general, and animals in particular.

Monday: arrived too late at the Crestwood gas storage facility in Reading. A further 15 people had already been arrested for blocking the entrance of trucks. (see We are Seneca Lake).
Confronted the Corning Code Enforcement officer who has for the past 2 months failed to issue a permit for me to install an ultra-efficient solar-assisted hot-water heating system in my,now, gas-free house (this deserves a couple of posts on its own)
Gate-crashed a volunteer recognition event for Astorino’s running mate, Sheriff Moss, and quizzed him on the downside of the SAFE act
Harvested Jerusalem artichokes, mache and small green tomatoes
Raked and crunched leaves, and spread them around to mulch my winter beds.

Tuesday: was assigned my first Climate Mobilization pledgee (
Met with a woman from Puerto Rico to discuss her plans for a model sustainable community.
Attended the monthly People for a Healthy Environment board meeting.
Wrote snailmail letters to six local officials about my code problems, the publisher of the New York Times about the Constitution, and the two Mrs Kochs pointing out to them that their husbands’ aggressive climate change denial campaign is tantamount to murder.

Wednesday: Made my first “take the pledge call”
Spent the afternoon with my grandson who I am grooming to be an activist (he’s 9)
Attended the rally and support group for the first 10 Seneca Lake Defenders

Today: wrote this blog
Began planning my campaign to run for Corning City Mayor

Ongoing: signed maybe 25 petitions including stop extreme hunting practices in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, drop charges against a bullied teen, close loopholes in the Clean Water Act, protect the freedom of the Internet, and others which are often deleted from my overcrowded mind, when I delete the email from my over-crowded inbox.
correspondence with the god group, online climate change deniers and other Fox-informed fanatics, some of which are the reason I do not wish to become an American citizen. They are ill-informed, minimally literate and just plain nasty.

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