So many topics, so little time

I have had a Facebook morning, made new friends, and discovered organizations that I was previously unaware of, all doing their darndest to make the world a better place.
Everything is so complicated and disjointed. If only there was one simple solution that could be applied to all life’s problems!
How do we find a way for governments, NGOs, non-profits and individuals to work together instead of each pursuing a similar and overlapping agenda?
How do we simplify systems? That is really what this blog is all about – finding a better way.
For me, a better way is a simpler way, a way with fewer layers, a more direct route from producer to consumer. I’ve also been thinking recently that esthetics may be the most important way of determining if a project is good or not. To put it simplistically, an ugly product/building/process is not acceptable. Ugly is not progress. Now the question is how to write that idea into the new constitution?

All ideas and suggestions welcome!


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