To be or not to be …an American

For 31 years I have resisted the idea of American citizenship, initially because when we first got here, the US was very anti the idea of dual citizenship. Having become British by registration (ie through marriage) I was understandably reluctant to put that status at risk. There was, after all, a very good chance that we would return to Europe in the near future.

That future stretched and stretched, but so did the reasons for not becoming an American. With grandparents on two other continents, we did a fair amount of traveling. Contrary to what most people in this country think, Americans are not welcomed with open arms in all countries of the world. So there was that.

Then there was a bit of bloody-mindedness. I wanted to be a teacher and went through the motions – master’s degree, teachers exam, etc. But New York is one of quite a few states that do not certify non-Americans as teachers. Private schools are an option of course, but as they tend to be religious schools, this atheism thing sort of nixed that. And wanting to teach evolution.

The issue really only comes up when our green cards are due for renewal. By last time around, ten years ago, we were into the Bush years, and, you know what? I did not want to be considered from the same country as him.  I did not want to talk about him as ‘my’ President.

I seriously think that the country peaked some time before we got here, actually some time before Reagan. I have written about the fact that from what I can see, the US is NOT the greatest country in the world. If you have not seen the first five minutes of The Newsroom (v, watch it now, then read what I had to say (post called Pride in America -before I had seen The Newsroom, I swear).  There is one big difference.  After his rant, Will McAvoy says “It sure used to be. We fought for moral reasons…We made war on poverty, not poor people….”

But I never saw that.  And I applied for an extension/renewal.  Unfortunately my new card has been lost in transit.  So now what do I do?  It is probably quicker to take out citizenship than to wait for a replacement green card – and I want to go to France in July to learn some French and babysit my sister’s little dog.

I had this crazy idea of running for mayor of Corning as a Corporation – once I had my green card in hand!  But, I’ve sort of given that up as they would probably deport me anyway.

Then last Sunday, the following letter appeared in The Leader:

Dems must look outside Ithaca
Thank God for Shawn Hogan and the Democratic Congressional Campaign circus.  I have already been “intimately involved” with liberals. I cannot take it anymore because I have exhausted my 25-year supply of Preparation-L

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”  After complete humiliation at the polls with Nate Shinagawa and Martha Robertson, please put a gunto your heads with Lesli Danks Burke (who has announced she s not running).  From personal experience, I can confirm that Ithaca, NY, is truly “10 square miles surrounded by reality.”

Isn’t it amazing how the liberal message must always become “more  centrist” at election time?  With you folks running democratic politics in the district, Tom Reed will serve as long as he sees fit.

Please consider Ruth Young and Elizabeth Whitehouse.  Neither is from Ithaca, but they are both truly bastions of objectivity.

Tim Forester, Campbell.

I ask again, what do I do now?


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