The Art of Being Nice

For almost a year now, I have been wearing a button that reads: BE NICE It’s a Better Way.

I originally ordered the buttons to promote my book ‘A Better Way’, but they have taken on a life of their own. Watch for the launch of the “Be Nice Campaign” in October. (It would be earlier but I ‘unfortunately’ have to go to France to babysit my sister’s dogs for three weeks.)

Little update here.  About how this being nice business can be extremely hard.

I occasionally play bridge as a stand in when regular players are without a partner.  Today we played a team of four event which turned out to be rather good fun – especially as my team came in first with 53 IMPs.  With some help from the opposition, I called and made three good contracts that others didn’t.

As we were packing up, one of the other members of the team (with whom I have never played) says to me “You were good, kept your end up very well”.  Maybe she just spoke clumsily, but I took that to mean for a “newcomer”.  Sort of, you are not yet one of us, but your performance was not too bad, considering.

Thanks to my “be Nice” button, I did not grab her by the throat and say “Listen, lady, I have been playing bridge for just over 60 years and I am quite good at it, you condescending *(^()*(_!!!

So, the  button works.  And I might be asked back.

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