What makes a conservative.

I didn’t really intend to post this, but i know of no other way to get a document into an online discussion.  I look forward to some feedback.


Conservative principle as applied by the right As applied by the left
• Freedom the 2nd amendment, the freedom to make up and spread rumors freedom from crushing debt because of medical or education bills.
• Faith Worship however you like, but goddamit you had better worship (and preferably at a Christian church) Worship if you want to – or not.
• Family support thrice married sexists, encourage women to stay with abusive partners, the patriarch knows best support couples who genuinely love each other and their chuldren
• Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life Human life above all else, no matter the quality. Animals? Who cares? Quality of life is more important than life itself.
• American Exceptionalism No comment Realization that perhaps, just perhaps, the USA is not the greatest country the world has ever known.
• The Founders’ Wisdom and Vision a new scripture perhaps the Constitution is just slightly out-dated
• Lower Taxes for the rich and businesses for everyone
• Limited Government let’s eliminate any programs that help the people let’s eliminate waste
• Peace Through Strength we’ll show them peace through diplomacy
• Anti-Communism anyone who is not a conservative is a communist also anti-communist, but in favor of looking after those who need help.
• Belief in the Individual As long as they agree with me Everyone has equal worth
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2 Responses to What makes a conservative.

  1. Dave Lambers says:

    Tripe. Not even worth a rebuttal.

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