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Discussion with a transcendendalist

Recently I received notice of a comment on a thread that I thought was dead and buried months ago. Apparently not so. The article being commented on began thus: “Last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center released a list of … Continue reading

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Ending the Disqus-sion

Dear Disqus friends and acquaintances, Today I am cancelling my subscription to sites like Conservative Free Press; Restore American Glory; IJR; Town Hall Daily and a few others where I have been commenting for the past couple of years. This … Continue reading

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God, greed and Government part 2

Next is greed. Some call it consumerism, some call it capitalism. By whatever name, it is one of the least appealing aspects of the United States. It is what gives the United States a less than stellar reputation in the … Continue reading

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God, Greed and Government Part 1

Government, Greed and God. These three words, in no particular order, sum up the problems facing the United States today. The problems are huge and the solutions, of necessity, radical. While my mission is to save the world one compost … Continue reading

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What makes a conservative.

I didn’t really intend to post this, but i know of no other way to get a document into an online discussion.  I look forward to some feedback.   Conservative principle as applied by the right As applied by the … Continue reading

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Today i tool part in the Turkey Trot in Hornell, NY.  There was a fun run for tiny tots followed by a 5k run for the energetic, and a 5k walk for the rest. My son and his step-daughters ran … Continue reading

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Dawkins v. Comfort : proof of God’s existence

This was a book review delivered live to the Friends of the Library.  There may be one or two passages that are unclear because I have not included the passage that I read from the book.  If you want clarification, … Continue reading

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