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Discussion with a transcendendalist

Recently I received notice of a comment on a thread that I thought was dead and buried months ago. Apparently not so. The article being commented on began thus: “Last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center released a list of … Continue reading

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What makes a conservative.

I didn’t really intend to post this, but i know of no other way to get a document into an online discussion.  I look forward to some feedback.   Conservative principle as applied by the right As applied by the … Continue reading

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Is taxation fair? Not bloody likely.

This is something I found and I really thank Idontknowwhy for it. How I Converted My Republican Co Worker on Tax Policy by Idontknowwhy In a typical water fountain discussion my conservative republican co worker raised the issue of his … Continue reading

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More about the Constitution

I want to share an ongoing discussion about a Truthout Article: The Economy We Want Starts With a Constitutional Amendment by Keith Harrington. My first comment was ‘We need a lot more than an amendment to address election financing: we … Continue reading

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I blame Reagan

A while back, I suggested online, somewhat provocatively, that Reagan was the worst President ever. I got surprisingly few responses. Just one, which said: Reagan the worst president? Really? 
- 20 million new jobs were created 
- – Inflation dropped … Continue reading

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Somehow I became part of a Facebook group that calls itself the Flaming Liberals and states “This group is for inquisitive people who identify as liberal or progressive and don’t mind the occasional bad pun or left-field digression.” There are … Continue reading

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H.R. 7

It has been very interesting, illuminating even, to talk to young Americans here in Siena.  A conversation today highlighted the fact that an American child born into poverty is very likely to remain there. The poor kid doesn’t have a … Continue reading

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